Some new SD1 samples!!!

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Re: Some new SD1 samples!!!

consider that these file are less than a 16 million normal apsc size.

i can easily say that i have many files from my pentax k5 that run circles around these, and they are practically the same size.

i dont begin talking about dr color depth and fidelity and level of noise, my k5 at iso80 is a monster for landscape.

i have a sd14 and the so called foveon magic disappeared always upsizing t 10 million pixel level, with the sd1 it seems even at normal size, not uprez, the magic is gone and foveon looks more like a normal and good only in daylight apsc 16 million sensor.

those who compared this sd1 with medium format smoked too much bonza in my opinion.

Lens department, only the 8-16 is good enough for 16 million level, i have it for pentax and is tack sharp, the rest is a mess, but could be a bad samples of zooms and bad photographer. macro are good as expected. this camera will probably be mostly a studio camera. not even a landscape camera, casuee there is no lens that can resolve the sensor apart the 8-16, but no filter.

better sigma begin thinking to reprice this camera at 1200 1500, they are not selling it even at 2000.

xthfloor wrote:

Really? Resize the DP samples to SD1's resolution and compare them once again...

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