what makes a professional camera to concert security?

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Re: what makes a professional camera to concert security?

I honestly wouldn't take an expensive camera to a metal festival. The way fans jump around and push and shove would mean I would be constantly worrying about my kit getting dropped and trashed as people trampled on it. Maybe in an arena in the stands would be different, but down on the 'floor' at a festival - I personally wouldn't risk anything more than a point and shoot. At the end of the day I'd rather be enjoying the music and the event rather than worrying about getting kit confiscated or wrecked. But that's just my 2 cents.

I'm going to see Maiden at the London 02 Arena in August - I have been wondering about taking my GF1 and 20mm but to be honest I think I'll just soak up the atmosphere and take a compact that I know 100% will be accepted in by security.

p.s. - I'm not stsreotyping metal fetsivals but speaking from personal experience ! I nearly got crushed and trampled on a few times at various gigs - most recently at a chili peppers gig in London's Hyde Park.

7ape wrote:

Hi Thanks for your reply, and yes you are quite right in this case I would be better off taking a camera with a zoom! To be honest I'm more interested in taking pictures of the crowds and the place than the bands, I'm going to a metal festival and I've never experienced one before. Ideally a compact would be the best choice anyway, but unfortunately I don't have one! I curse myself for thinking the gf1 would be enough and selling my lx2!

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