Some new SD1 samples!!!

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Re: Some new SD1 samples!!!

I totally agree with this post.

The mush is a problem with Foveon sensor. For instance you all know what dramatic results you'd get if you shoot clouds, right? It's the mush overlapping with the cloud.

Foveon in theory should produce the purest images but in pratice it's not so pure. We talk about fakeness of bayer sensor cameras, but having used both DP2s and Nikon D7000 I like the later much better for IQ.

BuckieJoe wrote:

I dunno. They have some strange quality to them that I can't quite put into words. They seem sharp, but not quite pixel-level sharp yet not exactly "sharpening"-sharp either, there's some sort of a mush that's hard to describe. Compare to his DP2 images which are sharp, SD1's feel somewhat odd. It may very well be the lens that produces this. But definitely better than the official ones. So I dunno. Somebody who's buying it must slap some bellows and a good lens on it to test out the true potential of the sensor.

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