Hoodman - with 3x adapter - WOW !! Solves EVF wishes?

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Hoodman - with 3x adapter - WOW !! Solves EVF wishes?

Like most (all?) of you, I am eagerly awaiting the focus peaking as a means to make manual focusing a snap - even in bright sunlight.

But I did order the hoodman with the 3x adapter, and like to report on the last few days just trying it out.

  • First, mounted on the LLC adapter (I cut slits in the hoodman, it already made a snug fit before applying superglue), it snaps onto the LCD and it hangs solid. In fact, it takes force to pull it off the LCD.

  • It makes the nex bulky, and the hoodman is heavy (the LCD doesn't like to be tilted anymore, the weight weighs it down).

  • But, the 3x magnification really blows me away - how to describe it? Imagine the LCD screen size increased to 9 inches across, right in front of your eye. I mean, even the basic font characters appear way too large.

  • The detail on the LCD is in fact so high that I can manual focus without the need for 7x or 14x magnification - confident and dead on.

  • It is not compact - it takes the place of a complete lens in my bag.

  • It comes with a cute little pouch, but it does not fit after you add the LLC adapter and the 3x eye piece

  • The 3x eye piece has a big flap, blocking all light around your eye. Works great, but the diopter lens fogs up when I press my eye in too far.

  • The hoodman blocks the ambient light sensor, but the LCD brightness appears to be 'perfect', day or night time.

  • in bright sunlight it works remarkably well - this is (by far) the biggest viewfinder (3x) that you can imagine.

Cost and bulk aside, for all of you that need/want/desire the EVF, this is something that I would recommend. However, it is not as compact as HOD's solution.

It really does blow me away.

Note - if you just get the hoodman, at 1x magnification, it is just a hood with a diopter. but with the 3x adapter it is just mindblowingly easy to work the LCD - there is so much detail in the LCD.

Can't upload any more pictures this month, will post pics later.

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