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Re: Two versions of the A77, most likely

Geir Eivind Mork wrote:

ulrichsson wrote:

The only other realistic options is that the A55 gets a small upgrade like the A35.

IF there were a a99 underway, we would have known. Sony apparently has some leaks (intentional or not)

They could however have a a55 replacement under works that have been concealed in alongside the a35-development. Sony usually have their models in close relation, so it would be easy to overlook. It could even look like a current a55 with just mior upgrades.

Or it could of course be a different a77 version. Like a850 vs a900. Given the low quoted price on the a77, I wouldn't be THAT surprised if they had a high and low specced version. But the a77 at the rumored price would eat into a55 sales, so who knows.

A mildly upgraded A77 would interest me, I'd like it with a built-in vertical grip. I've the A55 and my biggest peeve in an otherwise wonderful camera is the short battery life.

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