Sensor SIZE vs "3D look", Yet again - sorry :)

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Is this what you mean?

frosti7 wrote:

Ok i'm not to keen on technical terms and details of m43 vs FF and crop factors

but it seems to me that the larger the sensor then the more "3d" like the images look.

At a debate started over, one member "pablo" stated that the 25mm on MFT would render a different and flatter perspective then a 50mm on FF camera,

As i understand this is incorrect, but it dosnt change the fact that it does strike me that the MFT images DO look flatter, and i'm talking more about perspective then DOF,

Your opinions please, are we "3D limited" compared to aps-c/ff?

Interesting, this ties in with a similar discussion that I had very recently. Is this the kind of 3d look you are referring to? (This was taken with the EPL-1) If it is then I guess it answers your question. It is possible to get it using certain lenses, just not as easy as on a big full frame camera rig.

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