Some new SD1 samples!!!

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Michael McMurrough Senior Member • Posts: 1,107
Re: Some new SD1 samples!!!

My impressions were mixed. On the one hand some images did have the Foveon pixel level sharpness... at least towards the centers. And the color seemed very sd14\15 like, which is not a bad thing. But since I have only every owned an SD9, I have to compare them to that. And in that regard I found the color rendition somewhat less than exciting. (SD9 had some strange color, to be sure, but it was rich and quite engaging!)

The abundant CA is probably largely correctable with careful post, but the sensor really does seem to demand more from the lenses than they were able to deliver. At least in this batch of samples. Now, that said...

The files are huge, and where sharp they are incredibly detailed. They will no doubt create some awesome prints. But from what I'm seeing so far they are not for me. Even had the cam been released at the supposed price point I would still be looking elsewhere.

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