Going to Vegas on vacation

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Yes, please show us - photos

I found these Las Vegas photos faster than I thought. I just went to the end of my photos and worked towards the front. These were taken so long ago. In those days, I post processed them differently, so they do not look as nice, but it gives one an idea of the type of photos I got with the telephoto lens.

Also I didn't have the EXIF data included, which is something I always do now. Again, I apologize for the poor quality of post processing. The original photos are fine; it's just the software that I used at the time when resizing (and the manner in which I did them).

The second photo is a picture of a couple that looked like they had won a lot of money. They were running and smiling continuously as they ran down the sidewalk. The last picture shows clearly one of the elevated pedestrian walkways that cross the Las Vegas Strip (on the left side above the Flamingo sign). It's a good place to brace the camera for night time photos.

All with the Olympus E-510 and Zuiko 70-300mm lens

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