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Re: SD1x !!

The Nikon model is to introduce their top of the line camera and then release a second camera with fewer features but the same sensor, e.g. the D3/D700. Now with the Nikon D4 which is rumored at 38 MP is released then the D3x 24 MP sensor will most likely end up the the D700x which will be a less featured camera than the D3x but at half the price.

Sigma can't cut the features of the SD1 and have any feature left. I expect there are more than manufacturing start up cost in the SD1 sensor. There may be fundamental upsizing issues with the Foveon sensor that it is going to take a lot more talent than Sigma can bring to bear - given the small number of cameras that will be sold - to actually lower the sensor cost.

Sigma might be the point where they have to expand a huge engineering effort to sell a few cameras which will come out of their money to develop new lenses.

The Foveon or Sigma sensor - whatever you want call it - may just not scale in size or pixel number. It may just turn out that the Foveon design might not be the final design of a "true color sensor." It may be the original Foveon founders and engineers chose a small sensor - cell phone - target market.

We will soon find out.

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