Which film scanner is a buy

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Re: Which film scanner is a buy

I have an old Nikon 5000 and it does a pretty good job, but keeping it clean is a chore and it still has ghosting problems with very high contrast images. It's also slow if you want to scan a lot of images.

For many I use a macro rig (sigma 105mm) that I built from:

(in order from lens -> )
Cokin-to-58mm adaptor ring (most expensive part~ $15.00)
approx 6in. 1-1/4in abs drain pipe
1-1/4in drain pipe coupler
4 small rare-earth magnets glued to outside diameter of coupler
small square of white plastic as diffuser
4 more magnets aligned and glued to back of diffuser

I used hot-melt glue. Magnets came from cheap fridge magnets

Getting the alignment correct is the hardest part, but once it's done, you can dab a bit of hot glue on the barrel/coupler. If you need to lengthen or shorten, you can pull the glue beads off, adjust the friction fit of the coupler and realign.

I just point it at a white card in the sunlight, or out the window on an overcast day and set the WB accordingly. The diffuser is just small enough that I can manually position the slide, but with enough pressure from the magnets that it all stays firm when you let go.

I keep it aligned just beyond 1:1, using with 5DMKII so I just see the corners and bit of black border. Depth of field seems more than enough at f8-f11.

For most of the images I scan with it I get more than enough detail, and I don't get any of the ghosting as from the Coolscan 5000.

I'll post a pic when I find it.

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