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Re: Sigma Bodies are Long Outdated to Compete Mass Market

DMillier wrote:

Assuming the Sd15 has solved the reliability problems of the SD14, what is needed more than video is for Sigma to actually demonstrate that their so called philiosphy of no-frills-photgrapher-centric design is real rather than a smokescreen for incompetence and cost-cutting.

I suspect most people realise by now that you don't actually get anything in exchange for the absence of features and performance from Sigma. IMO, if Sigma's bare-bones cameras improve the shooting experiece over more complicated competitors, it's by accident, not design:

  • In what way does continually fitting crappy LCD screens help the photographer?

  • In what way does having 7 sec per shot write times help the photographer?

  • In what way does having to wait an eternity for the review histogram help the photographer?


  • In what way is a physical dust filter superior to an effective dust shaker?

  • In what way does the absence of live view help the photographer achieve accurate focus when using a tripod?

Why after 4 DSLR models, can't Sigma produce a camera that comes remotely near the abilities of say Canon's 1000D or Nikon's D3100, cameras that sell for as little as £300, especially as they like to price everything up against far superior camera bodies like the D7000.

Do you really buy the marketing that says the absence of industry standard features and performance is a virtue? I don't. To me it says either that Sigma can barely build functioning cameras or (perhaps more worryingly) that they think their customers are mugs. Perhaps the SD1 fiasco has got through even to the diehards, and taught then that they aren't mugs...

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