Canon wireless flash in broad daylight

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Re: My version of the math

rockjano wrote:

OK That statement like that was not true I would say HSS is not really useful to overpower the sun but it can do the trick under certain circumstances :-)))

"head shots in the early afternoon winter sun."

That tells a lot!! Head shot means small object, you don't need that much power

Early afternoon the light is less than at noon, and the winter sun is usually not that strong.

I think it is so limited taht it is not really usefull, Sync trick is better or using 4-8 speedlights like Joe Macnelly and many others...

Don't know. I think it works pretty well and opened a whole new option that simply was not available with my film camera so I got pretty excited about it. Yes, it runs the risk of overusing it. But it does work. In fact, I really looked at this as one of the more exciting features when I bought my EOS speedlites - for most other applications my old Metz 45 works equally well - if not better in some ways.

Here are two more. The first one with a 580EXII the second with a 270EX, both on camera.

I am, however, curious now about the "sync trick" and what I'd need for that to make it work with my 45 CT-4...

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