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For arizona desert rat. Am-Mex

I'm posting this thread with no intention of continuing our polemic thread which was locked down after reaching the limit. I just need to say a few final words to those that participated in the US-Mexican border thread but very especially to you arizonadesrtrat because you triggered the polemic thread with your post.

I mainly agree with your last post in the mentioned thread and I sincerely appreciate the friendly tone in it. You pinpointed the very essence of our problems. I grant you that. We mexicans are guilty of too much laxed citizenship leaving our rulers do the job irresponsibly and letting ourselves being co-participants of their corrupted way of governing.

We have a joke that makes us laugh all the time (hope it makes you laugh too) and it says: "If the mexican government managed the Sahara, sand would scarce".

I wish now to emphasize that Mexico and its citizens mean no harm to the USA. Illegal immigration into the US is out of poverty and the lack of opportunities to provide many our families a dignified life.

You may be wondering why we don't get our act together. We dearly want to, but fighting the mexican political establishment is really of epic proportions. Just as you would like to change a lot of things you don't like in your government, you find too the task "mission impossible".

Believe me, there's a lot of civil organizations and individuals fighting every single day for a real change. We have made a lot of progress in the last decades but unfortunately we still have a long winding bumpy road ahead.

I studied photography in Dallas back in 1977 and up to this day I have many loved friends living in various different states of the Union, mainly of anglo-saxon origin.

You have the right to demand your government to stop illegal immigration if you wish so.
It is my desire to ask you shape your demands honoring your privileged status.

I wish to thank DPReview for letting us air our socio-political views and differences in this forum. Sorry for being bad boys.
God bless America and Mexico. Signing off.

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