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Sigma Bodies are Long Outdated to Compete Mass Market

epsilon sigma taph wrote:

Why do people always want something new that is tailor made to their particular needs? Only the rich can have such things. Sigma can't afford to bring out a new camera every year.

I don't think wanting a camera body that offers options that are standard issue for almost every DSLR on the market is wanting something tailor made. Sigma is behind the times...and the SD1 was their chance to actually sell a camera that was worth not having some of those other standard issue features (that I honestly think they can't figure out)...for the original price that was announced.

The SD15 was pretty much a fix to the SD14. Kind of like a plastic surgeon redoing your lop-sided breast implants from his first attempt. I refuse to "upgrade" to the SD15 because I don't think Sigma consistently resolved the crappy autofocus issues of the SD14. It's offensive to pay $1,000 for a DSLR that doesn't focus as consistently as a digicam. Every cell phone has video now. Even the $15 ones from Wal-Mart. So should every DSLR that costs more than $500, which is the most I would ever pay for an SD15.

Honestly, I think Sigma is finished with bodies like the SD15. I can't see them investing more R&D for an in-between sensor. It would be stupid to build another DSLR with the same foveon as the SD15. They would rather manufacture and sell a small number of expensive niche cameras. Maybe that would resolve their legendary spotty quality control issues. Of course, they will wait another two years before they actually announce to the current customer base that they will no longer be selling cameras in the sub $3,500 price range.

Spend big or look elsewhere. The writing is on the wall. The Pentax K5 is looking pretty sweet for the money right now. I would give my pinkie toe if Fujifilm got back in the DSLR game.

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