What to buy: sel18200 lens or hx100v?

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Re: MTF scores are often theoretical vs actual and don't always match experience

millsart wrote:

You have to remember than MTF charts are often theoretical and don't always represent the overall experience of using a lens.

Perhaps but "experience" is a personal anecdote and generally less consistent than equipment readings. For every person who shares your opinion about why the MFT charts are wrong in comparing lens A to B you can find someone, (and they have written in this website with equal certainty as you) with the opposite opinion about lenses A and B. At least MFT is not an opinion.

Nikon 70-300 VR is simply an amazing performer. On my D700 and D3s it actually is better than my 70-200 f2.8 VR, first version. Much less vignetting and sharper corners overall.

Its a slower lenses of course, so for most assignments I still carry the 70-200, but when its shooting things like landscapes, the 70-300 is the much better choice.

Also have to remember that a lot of actual results can vary when in the field vs what you can hope to achieve in ideal conditions.

Take the NEX with the 18-200, and try to tripod mount it. I had the quite nice JTec bracket for mine, which is a clever design, but it makes for a very unbalanced system. A lens could have better optics but due to the way its mounted, far more vibrations from even a slight breeze can negate that advantage.

What it all comes down to though is why is a person buying a certain lens for.

If its because they want to shoot long lens type of things, such as zoos, wildlife, birding, kid sports etc, then the 18-200 isn't a good choice in my book.

Again not knocking the NEX but its design simply doesn't give very good ergonomics for long lens shooting. Nothing with a flip out LCD does. Its just not a stable way to hold a longer lens.

Again you state your opinion above as if it were fact. In my opinion holding a lens and the Nex with the left hand positioned on a long lens while operating the shutter release with the right, at waist height, with the LCD works well and I prefer it to hiding behind a viewfinder in most cases. I don't like using heavy long lenses in either case, but find nothing wrong with the ergonomics I described.The difference is that I know that is opinion.

Longer you go, more it becomes an issues. Mounting an Alpha mount 80-400 Gwould handle even worse, thought its an otherwise great lens.

Just doesn't work to have 550mm equiv reach and try to hold a 3+lb lens in an outtretched arm. Viewfinder allows to you bring the camera into the body, arms tucked in, two points of contact etc

Just all relative to what one wants to shoot, and what type of quality they are looking for.

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