Deciding between dslr and m43

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Re: Well.. not for me

sderdiarian wrote:

Melbourne Park wrote:

Incidentally, the Fuji 100 weighs - including its lens - 405g. And if one used its optical viewfinder only, it would be the lightest of them all. Its sensor being larger, you might be able to crop quite well. Despite its poor software, it might be the best choice of all, and perhaps its manual controls would work with gloves on. I bet also, it would be the most stylish camera on / up the mountain!

Fuji X100 firmware fix on the way, from DPR a few days ago:

Fujifilm is to update the firmware of its X100 large-sensor compact camera to address some of the criticisms raised in our review. The statement from Fujifilm Japan says: 'Fujifilm is planning to release a new version of firmware in the near future. The new firmware will include and respond to some of functionality posted by dpreview.' We will, of course, revisit our review in the light of these changes, when the update becomes available.

For me, there's still that little hurdle of cost (over $1000) and having a fixed lens to get over.
Sailin' Steve

For sure, and thanks for the software revision update.

I think interchangeable lenses offer better value too.

I only quoted the X100 for he mountain climber!!! One lens only is likely a benefit to him. As perhaps would be the manual (glovable perhaps) controls, and finally the weight is critical.

A lot better value in mFT I think, but sometimes a niche camera might fill a niche!

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