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PavelAKACert wrote:


Excellent points Øyvind. I think that the most likely is an SD16 with a 1.7 crop version of SD-1s sensor using rejects from manufacturing that show failure in the periphery of the sensor chip. This is not uncommon in Electronic Manufacturing.

A Trimmed down SD-1s sensor might give the same Pixel Count of an SD15 but with better performance due to improvements in the Photoreceptors size and architecture.

Perhaps less Noise and higher max ISO.

I agree that this approach makes sense but I think it has some major flaws. First, any such mainstream camera would sell more than SD1 so they would have to use mainly fully working sensors. Otherwise it would mean that the sensor yield is a pure disaster as there would be many more completely useless sensors with defects in other than peripheral areas (assuming that defects are evenly spread).

Second, I don't think they can "trim" the sensor. More likely they would have to trim the image in-camera while processing it. As a result they would have to keep two TRUE-II in the design otherwise the camera would be too slow.

In the end such camera would be almost if not completely the same as SD1. Of course they can make changes in the body making it a cheaper brother to SD1. But I don't think there is any space in this department either. SD1 doesn't have anything special, in fact it lacks a lot compared to competition even in mainstream. I can imagine only cheaper materials for the body.

Anyway, I may be completely wrong, but imagine cheaper SD1 with ability to "hack" the firmware to disable trimming. Would be fun to pray for no defects, something like unlocking disabled cores in CPU.

You are right . The most common way of "salvaging" rejects is by "Logical" Trimming but, unlike CPU Chips such as the presence or abscense of a Math module, this is generally done by burning out internal logic select conections . This is not reversable .

Your interesting observation; "In the end such camera would be almost if not completely the same as SD1" is offering an elegant way for Mr Kazuto Yamaki to save face and reduce the disparate price of the SD1 to a more realistic one , on the way perhaps saving the company future .

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