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Marc de Vries wrote:

Zee Char wrote:

I hate to drum up an old thread. I got into this discussion on another website. One person who was skeptical tried it. On evaluative metering metering the shots were underexposed. When he switched to average the shots were overexposed. Not bad but just a little. He took a dozen shots each mode of different objects and had the same results.

I am going to try this myself.

Interesting results, but unfortunately also a lot of variables that could play a role.

Look at the results in the first page there from msowsun and the second page from Wilt.
The results from Wilt don't show that overexposure from average metered shots.

There are some things that could explain some of the strange results in his 12 shots.

The shots with the canon lens all look fine. But he doesn't list what crop body he used. I've said before that I wouldn't be suprised if Canon used different algoritmes for different models. There are more and more diffusor gadgets out-there that consumers use. So maybe they have modified the way in which they uses distance reporting on consumer bodies compared to professional FF bodies.
But that's all guessing.

Very possible.

It will be important to note which type of body people use and to use test scenes that don't have pitfalls in them. Like reflective surfaces. (the chair and the door handle in those shots from Wilt)

A strong reflection can cause an underexposure using a bare flash. Maybe the small softbox helped enough to prevent the camera from being confused by the reflection.

Wilt also didn't tell what flash he was using.

He sig states Metz flashes. So maybe a Metz in ETTL mode instead of a Canon flash?

I did not notice that. I'm surprised because we are talking about Canon. I'll look at it again.

I've heard stories that Metz in ETTL mode doesn't behave like a Canon ETTL flash.

I don't have experience with Metz flashes, but it's another uncertain factor that could play a role.

MSowSun results are also mixed. The painting on the red wall doesn't seem to cause the overexposure in average mode with a diffusor. But the other paintings do...

The underexposure in the living room with the red wall, could be caused by different reflections in the glass on the right side of the shot.

I can imagine that because evaluative mode does more "thinking" it can also be fooled more easily or even that Canon choose to use the distance information only in this advanced mode and on the in the simpler averaging mode.

It seems we need more testing indeed. I don't have diffusors I can test with ND filters.

Yes. I did a few of my own with both my 5D and 7D. I do not have a stofen but just used a plastic jug with the similar transparency. Although the WB was way off I did not see that drastic under exposure with either camera. Not the greatest test but it as interesting.

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