Kazuto Yamaki continues to be a twit on twitter

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Re: What do you expect him to say?

They don't need to be part of a large finance company.

Erik Magnuson wrote:

ChromeLight wrote:

He could be inventive and offer a lease like Chevy does for the Volt.

Most retailers offer financing if you want to buy on time. Unlike GM, Sigma does not happen to own part of a massive finance company.

Or how about getting a number of bodies and lenses to Samys and B&H for their rental departments? I could think of lots of creative ways Sigma could go to, if not turn this around, at least not make it any worse.

  1. If Sigma has such a plan, they would not announce it in a casual tweet.

  1. This would have to be done on a country by country basis, so it would come from Sigma USA or Sigma Germany or whatever tweet and not from the COO.

At this point, I can think of only two things he could say that would make anyone happy:

  1. tell us why the SD1 could not be brought in for the initial target price segment. But pricing information is almost always a trade secret and very, very few companies are that candid.

  1. announce a follow-on camera that's not an SD1. That would tell people not to wait for an SD1 price drop and given fans a new hope that a more affordable camera is in the works.

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