Kazuto Yamaki continues to be a twit on twitter

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Re: What do you expect him to say?

He could be inventive and offer a lease like Chevy does for the Volt. Don't have 40k for the Volt? Drive one for 350 a month. Or how about getting a number of bodies and lenses to Samys and B&H for their rental departments? I could think of lots of creative ways Sigma could go to, if not turn this around, at least not make it any worse.

Erik Magnuson wrote:

James Fedley wrote:

Kazuto Yamaki continues to justify the price on twitter.

Of course he is. What else would you expect him to say? "No, the camera is not worth the current price. Please refrain from buying one so we can teach those bourgeois bean counters who insist that we not lose money on each sale a lesson on what photographers should have."

As for shooting the product photo, imagine you are a product photographer. Your job is to produce images suitable for publication several months ahead of release to allow for layout, proofing, and printing time. And then the client says, no you can't use your usual equipment, but we have this camera you've never used before where the firmware and software are not quite finished yet....

So if he can't tell you what you want to hear, is he better off just saying nothing?

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