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Re: D7000 wish list

I'd like an articulating screen, although bottom-folding (like the D5000) to maintain the left-side buttons.

Even better, since this is a wish list, would be a removable screen, using Bluetooth or such to transmit the Liveview image from the camera. Add a basic interface to let users control the camera remotely. Improved contrast detect autofocus wouldn't hurt, either.

As someone mentioned, zooming to 100% on the focus point with the OK button during image review would be nice, too. That could be done with a software update.

Also, one other feature I think shouldn't be too hard to implement would be an automatic AF fine-tune function. For example, create an approved Nikon lens calibration tool, which the software would be able to detect via specific markings on the focus area and the "ruler". Aim the camera at it and activate the automatic AF tune function. The software would focus, identify any front focus/back focus issues on the "ruler", adjust automatically, and save the setting to memory. For zoom lenses, allow the user to set multiple focus adjustment values at different focal lengths, and interpolate the intermediate values.

I really can't imagine this would be too hard to implement - it sounds like something a serious hobbyist with some basic computer vision programming experience could put together. You would just need very specific instructions on how to use it - mainly, the distance you need between the sensor and the calibration kit. Or, if it is too tricky for users, make it a locked feature that authorized, trained dealers can access. I'd pay a camera shop $20 for a prime lens or $50 for a zoom to professionally calibrate the lens for me at all focal lengths, without having to send it to Nikon.

It sounds like a lot of people regularly send bodies and lenses to Nikon for calibration. I'm not sure if Nikon does it under warranty, or charges for the service. If it is a free service, Nikon could probably save a lot of money by letting pros and serious enthusiasts do it themselves at home, with a lot more precision than is possible with the normal AF fine tune features.

Of course, assuming Nikon does charge for calibration, I'm sure they're making money off of it, so then this idea wouldn't work

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