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processing tricks to significantly reduce "green" shots and noise in the shadows.

If live view gets implemented, I want to see tethering on a 1920x1080 sized screen as well. Even if implemented poorly, let's start with something .

If the problems with the SD1 relate to the APS-C sensor size, I'm all for going to the smaller one (with the SD1 improvements) to get the camera out faster. Otherwise if it's the quantity of photosites, I'm all for less. Speed to market is important.

I think Sigma needs to be swift and proactive in getting a "improved" camera to market.

I know the SD15 is an upgrade to the SD14. It just doesn't feel like one.

I'd be happy with a updated sensor in just the SD15, if it kicks a camera out significantly quicker.

Random thought:

Would anyone consider an SD15 with the SD1 body? Just wondering if the interface is a huge improvement or just different.

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