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Re: SD 16

There are three options.

a) Sigma priced the SD-1 to make room for a SD-16. How would they price a SD-16 otherwise? If so, a SD-16 might appear next year.

b) The SD-1 price increase was sensor production related, which makes it not very likely that we will see a SD-16 before any production issues are solved.

c) There was some other reason for the price increase, in case we might see a SD-16 in a years time.

I tend to think that b) is the case, so I think the unexpected price increase of the SD-1 has put the SD-16 on hold.

It has been stated that Sigma want a broader range of DSLRs, but what is the alternatives?

  1. another camera with the SD-14/15s sensor?

  2. a SD-16 with a 1.7 crop version of SD-1s sensor?

  3. a SD-16 with same sensor as the SD-1?

  4. a totally new sensor?

I think the only feasable solution is 2, a 1.7crop version of the SD-16.

But again, if the price increase of SD-1 was due to production issues, its gonna be a while before we will hear about it.

Also remember that the SD-15 was released only about a year ago. That is now Sigmas entry level camera.

425i wrote:

Since the SD1 is a bit dearer than we thought it would be
What about a Sigma releasing a SD16 for the rest of us

Have not tried a SD15 as they are a bit rare in Australia but from others on here they sound pretty good
So I was thinking what would I like in a SD16

The one thing I would like is video as the present SD15 sounds like it has all I would want; except video
I know some people don't want video but there are times when it is fantastic
especially for kids at party's etc or sporting/performance events
Take a pic of your kid singing and its ok
but film it and its something much better especially in a few years time

What does ever body else think would be nice on a SD16; besides being affordable


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