NX10 Future FW Updates: Suggestions to Samsung

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Re: NX10 Future FW Updates: Suggestions to Samsung

Other reviewers and users have also perceived a need for "Stealth" (all lights off) mode:

"an indented Power button, surrounded by a circular ring that glows an attractive 'Samsung blue' when in use. Not perhaps what you'd want if trying to use the camera surreptitiously at night, but then the glow from the 3-inch rear LCD screen - in the absence of an optical viewfinder - kind of gives the game away anyway."

Whether or not one uses EVF, OVF or shoots "blind", CSCs are ideal candidates for candid reportage. Please consider a f/w feature (2-button press) allowing to mimick a 'dead' camera that still can shoot... w/o giving any other sign than the shutter click.

migus wrote:

add "stealth mode": switch all displays and LEDs on/off via a 2-key combination. Allows for lower noise, night/nature, hostile environment shots... as well as street shooting from the hip or from any other position, w/o exposing the photog to scrutiny and possible conflicts.

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