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Re: You need TRIPOD + f/16 + Macro Lens

007peter wrote:

Great shots from 18-55mm IS Kit lens. DOF decreased as you shoot near MFD ( minimum focusing distance ).

  • 55mm @ f/5.6 may have DEEP DOF shooting landscape @infinitiy

  • but ZERO DOF when shooting macro near MFD

What you need ideally are:

  • F/16 - F/22 aperture, this ensure adequate DOF shooting Macro

  • Tripod - because shooting @f/16+ = very low shutter-speed

  • use Mirror-Lock-Up or Live View to prevent mirror slap vibration

  • remote shutter or 2 seconds timer to prevent shutter-press vibration

  • a real macro lens or use 55-250mm IS (telephoto lens buys working distance)

insects usually move around too much for a long shutter speed so you need some sort of flash assist or bright sun and compromise a little on aperture

above f/16 you really get tons of diffraction brought into play, sometimes you ahve to leave with it but sometimes I prefer to just get the eyes in focus and as much as comes along

sometimes it's tricky to use a tripod for insects since they move around and about so often

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