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Re: fully agree

Are you comparing apples with apples with your lens comments?

Even though a lot of the Oly lenses are weather sealed, the Oly 'mid range and most of the SHG range extend when zooming and many have a aperture 'range' (3.5 - 5.6 for example, not fixed). Nikon's new range of mid range zooms also extend, but they are cheaper and the new G series are now weather sealed.

What does Oly have in the 'non extending range' and how does the price of the SHG Oly stuff compare? From memory, when you talk Oly 'pro' gear, they sit in the same size and price range as the Nikon, if not larger/more expensive. For example, the 14-35 is bigger and larger than the Canon equivalent and it still extends when zooming (not to mention the myriad of focus issues they've had with it), so the 4/3 size and price benefit goes out of the window when you're talking SHG Oly glass. .... apples with apples. If I was to buy an Oly 35-100 as opposed to a Nikon 70-200 VRII in Aust, it's going to cost me $500 MORE than the Nikon. The differences aren't that great when you do compare like with like. Plus, any gain you may have with the Oly F2 zooms is lost in front of the Oly's smaller sensor (1/4 the size of the sensor in the D700). The Oly camera bag with the SHG lenses is going to be just as big and heavy as the bag of Nikon pro grade stuff.

Also, after having shot Oly for about 5 years and swapping to Nikon (for work, not just play), I'm more than satisfied with the quality of what I get from the Nikon lenses ... especially when in front of the D700 ... there's no competition really.

One other point is that my Nikon gear takes a real hammering when on site and doing action photography, which is where my Oly let me down. I can shoot over 8000 shots in a day with brillint, fast, focus accuracy from Nikon and the equipment is ready for more, not so with my Oly experience.

There's no such thing as the perfect camera or lens. I've shot extensively with both brands and plan to stick with Nikon, it does the job reliably and pays my bills.


If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence ....

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