Canon wireless flash in broad daylight

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Re: Canon wireless flash in broad daylight

7enderbender wrote:

Given that this was really more an experiment than anything else I'd be curious to learn how else I could underexpose the background without increasing speed (and hence the need to go HSS)?

Are you familiar with Exposure Values?
The Iso, shutter, & aperture all work together to create the "proper" exposure.
Iso 100, Shutter 1/8000th, Aperture F 4.0 = EV 17

Ev 17 can be reached by many different Iso, shutter, & aperture combinations.
At Iso 100 you could use any of these settings to get to EV 17
Iso 100, Shutter 1/8000th, Aperture F 4.0 = EV 17
Iso 100, Shutter 1/4000th, Aperture F 5.6 = EV 17
Iso 100, Shutter 1/2000th, Aperture F 8.0 = EV 17
Iso 100, Shutter 1/1000th, Aperture F 11 = EV 17
Iso 100, Shutter 1/500th, Aperture F 16 = EV 17
Iso 100, Shutter 1/250th, Aperture F 22 = EV 17
Iso 100, Shutter 1/125th, Aperture F 32 = EV 17
Iso 100, Shutter 1/60th, Aperture F 45 = EV 17
Iso 100, Shutter 1/30th, Aperture F 64 = EV 17

There are different combinations of settings for Iso 50, Iso 200, etc....

So once you completely understand EV, Iso, Shutter, & Aperture you will be know how slow of a shutter you "should" use, or what aperture you "should" use, or what Iso you "should" use. You also have to know the limitation of your equipment. Certain lens may not go to the aperture you need, or maybe you need a body that can do Iso 50 instead of iso 100.

"Should" is in quotes because you have to know what you are going after and how each of the different settings could modify the image you are trying to create.

Aperture affects the Depth Of Field.
Shutter affects how long the shutter is open.
Iso affects the sensitivity of the sensor in the camera body to the light that
the lens let through.

On top of all that, you have to keep in mind what you can do in post production.. Maybe you sacrifice the Depth of field at the actual shoot knowing that you will use software to create the depth of field that you envisioned.

Some good resources you can use to learn about all this is
Exposure value on

A book called Light Science and Magic

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