YES ! All GH1s now hackable

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nico-foto wrote:

Could someone please explain to me how to use the manual video settings? I have a hacked GF1 (one of the latest ones).

No matter what i set in manual mode, the video looks the same. For instance, i set shutter speed to something ridiculous, like 1/15 second. The video should look all blurry with movement leaving traces. I still see the video normally though.

What are the correct steps to use manual exposure in video? Thanks!

I believe that you're doing it correctly, but that the GF1 has inherent built-in limits on how low the shutter speed will go in video. I think there's a 'lower limit' which will prevent you from achieving the 'blurry traces' effect (1/30s I think). I don't think the GF1's guts could handle processing 60 1/15s frames per second.

The manual GF1 video controls are most useful for (a) selecting aperture size to control DOF, (b) stopping the shutter speed getting too fast and 'stuttery', and (c) keeping control over ISO. The jewel in the crown of the hack is, however, to increase the AVCHD bitrate.

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