Nex5, Om and leica M lenses/adapter.

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marco ricci Regular Member • Posts: 329
Nex5, Om and leica M lenses/adapter.

just bought a nex5 + 16 2.8kit.

i bought 2kiwi adapterto use with few Olympus om lenses (28 2.8, 50 1.8, 100 2.8, 135 3.5)

adapter are not so cheap (some like 40$ each here in europe) but quality is not so good.

are all metal, not so well finished, om lenses lock firmly, but you need a good pressionto lock the lens in the adapter.

100 and135work great, 50 is great too, but infinity focus it seem to me a little short, but not really a problem. 28 mm it seem short to infinity, one of the 2 adapter it seem a little better than the other.

i bought the kiwi, hoping for a better quality on an "unlabeled" cheap chinese adapter, but may be i have the same quality.

i bought even a metabones adapter for leicaM, i use it with a summicron 35.

it's great. quality and finition are great, it lock firmly and precise on camera and lenses, focus go a little beyond infinity, and it's really nice to see.

here u can see some holydays shots with omlenses (and 2 withthe 16 2.8)

om lenses are really good and compact (even if show some CA, specially the 100 wide open) so bad they need an adapter almost 3 cm long

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