Is it a Lens issue or Camera issue

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Is it a Lens issue or Camera issue

Equipment: Nikon D50 and Nikon 85mm f/1.4G. I tried both Auto and Manual on Lens. D50 has 5 focus points and I made sure that the focus point was exactly on the part of picture I wanted. No PP done. (First time uploading pictures, so please bear with me)

AutoFocus...somehow, did not nail it

AutoFocus again - not as sharp as the Manual focus one...

Tried Manual Focus on this - like this one better

Bottle at high F setting

Rail at Auto focus - not happy (compared to Manual)

This is on Autofocus - seems like it got it right...

Went a bit closer - seems soft to me

Pencil on Manual focus - better than Auto

Finally, Rail on Manual (compare to Auto)

I love the lens. Its fast, and feels great to hold. Judging by these pictures, please advise - first - if my lens is OK? If so, is there anything I can do to overcome these uncertainties. After a certain age (lets leave it like that), I do not trust my eyes to confirm that I have manually focused correctly. So, my preference is Auto, but if I have a good chance on Manual I will stick to it.

As someone mentioned before, before throwing away your old camera, try a good glass. Which I did. I hope I can improve on this with your kind advise. Thank you.

Flat view
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