General workflow 101 - help

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General workflow 101 - help

OK, so I've been taking pics for quite some time now but am convinced I'm not working to a particularly good 'workflow', so hoping you have some ideas to help....

current situation:

  • shoot Nikon RAW (NEF)+JPEG (I like doing this so have RAW to play with on those that I particularly like

  • use NX Transfer to transfer to PC and location put photos in year/month folder (and perhaps a subfolder for particular event)

  • viewing the photos (this is where it seems to be a bit faffy) - If I open them just using windows explorer, i have to click through 2 at a time to bypass the NEFs as there's not enough memory to show the NEF file. If I use PSE to open each one, it takes quite some time to open the images. If I use View NX to open the files, they will open but take a couple of seconds to load clearly.

I'm not sure what I'm doing at this stage.... if i delete an image in ViewNX, it seems to delete the RAW and JPEG of the image, but if i just delete the JPEG in explorer, it only deletes the jpeg.

So... 1) what's best for viewing the photos prior to chosing which to put into PSE?
2) is it just I've got a very slow, low storage PC
3) am I just going about it the wrong way?

All I want to do is open up the images I've just uploaded, view them to decide which I want to keep RAW & JPEG, which to delete the RAW and keep the JPEG and which to delete both versions of the image.

Sorry for the waffle....Hope this makes sense!

Any ideas?

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