D5100 Raw processing

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Thomas Comerford Veteran Member • Posts: 9,745
Re: D5100 Raw processing

MrRoger wrote:

I have been using Ubuntu (a popular Linux distro) for some time. I use Bibble for Raw processing. I have just purchased a D5100 and found that it is not supported by Bibble (does this have something to do with Nikon patents?).

No, they just haven't added support for it yet.

I have an XP virtual machine which I sometimes use for Corels' PSP, which I use for complex editing. This does not support the D5100 either, although at least here it seems I could gain support by upgrading to X3.

Of course I am reluctant to upgrade software which won't run natively on my computer. Nikon's supplied software is a joke, and I imagine in a VM this would get even worse.

So, anybody any alternative suggestions?

Download the trial version of Lightroom 3, and see what you think of it.

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