Focus Stacking with HS20?

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Re: Focus Stacking with HS20?

evogt500 wrote:

[...] to create bokeh effect (pro-focus mode). [...]

Also like all other fuji bridges, manual focus isnt the greatest thing to use. Its focus-by-wire instead of a good old mechanical focus. In my opinion, manual focus on Fuji bridges are close to useless.

I'd concur.

I have an HS10, but my understanding of focus stacking is largely for macro subjects with minimal DOF; to take several shots from the same position and focus to a slightly different plane in each of a series of frames that are later stacked together in software to give a much greater DOF than the camera alone can achieve. Using the HS10/20 for this I think would require the photographer to manually adjust focus slightly between each frame (I don't think there are any auto features that would help) - which I think would be a big ask of the manual focus system.

As evogt500 states, I find the manual focus on the HS10 to be pretty limited as a focusing tool - I've never found it that useful on any digicam, not the way it is with an SLR lens. For me, the prime use of the feature - and I do use it regularly - is to lock focus in a particular place for a series of shots (for panoramas etc.) or to anticipate a shot where I may not have the time to allow the camera to autofocus - like birds/insects returning to a particular spot - in both scenarios, after already establishing initial focus with autofocus.

Possibly with practice, you could master the manual focus to take a series of shots with focus slightly deeper into the frame, but I've never spent any time trying such a function as I've just never got to grips with the on-screen display for achieving manual focus - it just doesn't seem precise enough for the tiny amount of focus change you'd need for a macro. My HS10 is still away for repair, so I can't just try it to see how it might work for you.

I would suggest the OP downloads the HS20 manual and read the section on manual focus and see if it looks like it might work for them (check the on-screen display you get for achieving manual focus), my own feeling is that if I wanted to try such a thing myself, the HS10 just wouldn't be the camera I would grab. But people do manage amazing things with particular models, so that doesn't mean it isn't possible with the right skill - and patience.

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