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Re: With both SB-800's doing the same thing....

Ok so here is some more info. I used a Quantum 2x2 Turbo battery to power the flash on camera. It still missed fired. Even with a full charged Quantum it had lots of power to fire. I even used my Pocket Wizard transmitter hooked to my on camera flash with the receiver attached to my Lumedyne 400 watt pack. There were times when my Lumedyne flash would fire and not the on camera flash SB 800.So there is a signal going through the SB 800 to signal the Lumedyne which is off camera. If I put the pocket wizard on the camera and just used the off camera Lumedyne it worked all the time.I use the same D700 in studio with a pocket wizard and it fires every time. I also have a SB 900. Did a grad ceremony and after 15 shots with 10 sec in between each grad being photographed the flash shut down and stopped working. It wasn't even fired very fast, 1 shot in a 10 second interval isn't very fast, considering I was 7 feet away, f 5.6 800 iso. The SB 900 was even sent to Nikon for a service repair. I think the SB 900 is a failure. I am looking at the Quantum Trio with the Turbo 3. Hope this clears up the flash problems.

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