Where to sell SD15 kit?

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Re: Where to sell SD15 kit?

I believe Ebay charges about 3% for PayPal and 12% for listing fees--about 15% total.

Amazon is good if you sell by SKU. I also believe Amazon sellers/buyers more legit.

I bought my DP1 from Craigslist, and just found a DP2 (both on the Boston list; I live in NH). So like the person before me said, you need to sell at a major city.

On the subject of Craigslist, I believe that when Ebay bought a part of Craigslist they did with the understanding that Craigslist would NOT be used as a national listing service. That's why any site that tries to aggregate Craigslist stuff is hit by a lawsuit by (I believe Ebay compensated) lawyers. Craigslist made a devil's bargain, but probably one that is worth it since they've been able to keep the service free.

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