Ideal Pocket Camera?

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Re: Ideal Pocket Camera?

TomC601 wrote:

I remember that series of camera well. The thought behind it was people would carry it like a pack of cigarettes. Only problem was about that time everyone quit smoking.


Nice thought Tom.

One point is in the Pro opinion in the DP review of the 4700.was ""the large internal buffer memory no waiting on the camera"

I tried the 5ps on the x100 once and I might try it out again during a scientific experiment or something but I can't use something that makes the camera take a coffee break whenever you use it. I can take movies and you want me to believe it can't take rapid fire bursts more or less continuously to the limit of the memory card.

The X100 has a retro.look and heritage based on early break throughs in optical and digital technology.

Good to look at what was valued in the past like "large buffer no waiting on camera" could be obtained on the X100

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