PS and Plugin Questions...

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Re: PS and Plugin Questions...

Greg Eddinger wrote:

I agree, do the upgrade and conversion to PS5 which also is 64 bit ready. Note if you want to run in 64 bit you will need to set the preference for 64 bit by going to the program, get info, run 64 bit.

They may not have to do that, I think it defaults to 64-bit. Putting it into 32-bit is usually the special case when wanting to run old plug-ins that have not been upgraded.

You will also need to start you computer in 64. There are ways to permanetly set it to start in 64 but I'd just start in 64 by pressing holding the 6 and 4 keys during startup. That way you can make sure your other programs are 64 bit compatible before committing to a permanent 64 bit start.

This doesn't sound quite right. Yes, most Macs except the latest do start up with the 32-bit kernel, for compatibility with older driver and preference panes. But this does not stop you from running 64-bit applications. If all your software has been properly upgraded to 64-bit you can then switch over to starting up in the 64-bit kernel, and there will be a slight speed boost for some of the more performance-oriented apps. But you don't need to start up in the 64-bit kernel.

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