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Re: Storage/Back-Up/Editing While on The Road

andrewbdub wrote:

(Originally posted on the Storage & Media thread).

Is there a feasible 'cloud' storage option available these days or is burning discs and backing up to hard drive still the way to go?

Cloud will not work. Usually the upload speed is far to slow, if it's up, for more a few dozen photos at a time.

I'd like to be able to do some basic editing in Lightroom3 while on the road:
• Is there a Netbook powerful enough to handle LR3?

Take a look at Bibble from It works very well with netbooks, and will allow you do to the basic editing, then you can import it in Lightroom at home.

My suggestion is that you get 3x1Tb external hard drives.

  1. You ship them home via fedex.

  2. At home somebody copies the photos back to you and sends you back the empty drive at your next destination.

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