*****Cartier-Bresson Moment - in answer to "Nosense of Place" P-2*****

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*****Cartier-Bresson Moment - in answer to "Nosense of Place" P-2*****

I guess there were some interesting street shots in the last thread. I'm left with nothing here tho. Nothing but questions that is. Like WTF is HCB or HBO or PBS or whoever was being talked about? I've never heard of him (or her?). My camera came with no such initials on it anywhere. But then again I don't idolize others. Not sports figures, FOR SURE not politicians, and not photographers. And it seems that even though I doubt most will admit it when put like this many or most of you were. I can learn from individual photographs or collections but I'm not into the name game. Hell, I don't even know the name on my designer jeans - and I'm pretty proud of that. The aspect of society that idolizes others sickens me.

So WHO were you all talking about is my first question, my second one is WTH is this "decisive moment" you're all talking about? The only decisions I saw being made in all of the photos in the last thread were completely insignificant and mundane like whether or not to light this cigarette or whether or not to take the next step. Jeez!! %#$, it's called walking! WTH kinda decision is that which is supposedly worthy of photography classified as decisive?

So Who the heck are you talking about and what the heck are you talking about are generally speaking, the only things I was left with from the last thread. Questions. This my sound like a rant but it's not - it's just my questions.

Here's the last bit of conversation from the last thread (with my comments added):

HappyVan wrote:

The pictures posted in this thread show that Nosenseofplace is right. The guys just don't understand what HCB was doing.

HCB's stuff often look like random snapshots. But, his photography is driven by an educated eye. Whereas, the typical photographer is just taking random snaps of whatever catches their eye.

I think you're right. I saw no moments of decision in any of them worth mentioning.

Hen3ry wrote:

Ho, ho! The armchair critic. Those who can, do ... or at least try and have the courage to put their efforts up for public inspection and evaluation so they can learn.

Those who can't just sit on the sidelines and carp. Poor wimps.
Cheers, geoff

I dunno, IMO, in this case, those who can't were the ones posting. Unless it can somehow be explained to me how a man standing behind an egg shaped rock with one foot sticking out has anything at all to do with decisions or being decisive.

Hen3ry wrote:

Doesn't change the fact that NoSense was right. You were wrong. You still don't know how. Nuff said.

Not really "nuff said" - nothing is explained here. Why is he wrong? Hey, if there is something here I'm missing I wanna know. The more I know the more tools I have to create with.

Sigimini wrote:

Have thousands of these type of pics, all with DSLR's. That's not saying that HCR was a great pioneer. But 20mm lenses are not the only useful instruments for the street.

What I meant to say is that HCR was a great pioneer, who inspired us all. But we have new technology that is far beyond what he even dreamed of.

Who cares about instrumentation in this case. The "moment of decision" here is what, whether or not to use the same match to burn that awful turban with? Gimme something here... Gosh!

Trafford wrote:
"The Egg and I"

amalric wrote:
Very funny. A decisive moment indeed

You're kidding right? What decision is being made there, whether or not to throw that stone egg on the fat woman behind him? Please explain. Are we all using English here? Somehow I think not. Here's what the thesaurus says:


  1. a decisive man: resolute, firm, strong-minded, strong-willed, determined; purposeful, forceful, dead set, unwavering, unyielding, unbending, inflexible, unshakable, obstinate, stubborn, rock-ribbed.

  2. the decisive factor: deciding, conclusive, determining; key, pivotal, critical, crucial, significant, influential, major, chief, principal, prime.*

Where do any of those apply here? I must be really dense! Please explain how you get decisiveness outta that .


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