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Re: Nikon Coolpix P300 FOCUSING PROBLEM

I have posted elsewhere here, but would like to caution others about a problem with this camera that neither Nikon customer support nor their Service Warrantee Department ( In Westbury, NY) where I sent the camera in for repair could fix or even address this problem. The Service Department told me that it was within specifications so basically, nothing was wrong with the camera.

Basically, if I do HD videos of a scene ( any picture mode setting) and focus the camera on some distant feature that fills the focus bracket (camera in AF-s mode) and start the movie, the image is badly out of focus like 80% of the time. In zooming in the focusing gets even worse . And in panning the camera to see where the focus is, the focus turns out to be very close - like my feet up to 4 meters away - none of which was in the original scene when the focusing was done.

I am an experience photography enthusiast and have used several SLR's over the years and now use mostly smaller more compact cameras. Having HD video capabilities is important to me since I am mostly photographing the grandkids !

When the camera does work it does take excellant photos - but the problem is all those photos and videos you lose because the focusing is unreliable !

If anyone has an interest in seeing the frames of the movies, I'd be happy to extract a few frames and post them here.

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