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Knallberto wrote:

aperture 1:8 ... price $ 18.88 - for $ 25 you get an Fujian 25mm / 1.4, for $28 an excellent Fujian 35mm / 1.7

Earlier reports about the Fujian 35/1.7 tells us the image won't be sharp from border to border. On the contrary; from the µ4/3 forum I get that it's only the center half of the image that is reasonably sharp.

Here it is compared to a much more expensive Schneider lens. You can't compare the prices but it is easy to see the Fujian isn't much more but a toy either:

There have several more threads/posts in the micro forum showing the bad bokeh and limited part of the image circle being sharp by the Fujian 35/1.7.

Knallberto, are there two different 35/1.7 Fujians? Or, are the images you have shown us cropped?


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