I Guess I Won't Be Buying A Sigma Body After All

Started May 28, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: I Guess I Won't Be Buying A Sigma Body After All

BPB wrote:

I have, and still am, debating what to do. I am tempted by the SD15 simply to satisfy my curiosity regarding the Foveon image capability. My only concern is if Sigma will be in a position to produce any new cameras. Great if they can redress the SD1 situation.

You've made the two thirds of the way towads Sigma by buying the SA lenses, buy the SD15 now and be happy. Sigma won't let down her customers, that's for sure. She will go on producing cameras in the range of $1000 - $2000, with 14 mp sensor or less, but she will. If not the SD1 then the SD1s will be affordable to the majority of photographers.

By selling out the SA lenses now you will loose more than you will gain by buying the SD 15 for your lenses.

The experience of having used the Foveon cameras and software won't be wasted on you as a photographer.

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