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Re: $ 18 for s.h.i.t ?

Knallberto wrote:

Spend $18 for hungry children!

Well this Holga lens is not made for you (or me), it is made for people who want to be creative in a special way (I'm not telling that you are not creative, just in an other way) for some people the bad IQ is a big plus, it makes them look hard at the way they frame their pictures and the way they use the downsides of the lens. It is such a big thing that Sony builds this "feature"in the rumored FW update!

.... aaaahhh ... you bought it! Laughing about the photos rotf !

Everyone has its own thing in photography, lets keep it that way.

I like the quality of the cheap Fujians, nice small lenses maybe I'll buy one for that cheap.

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