Helios 44 58/2 M39 mount ?

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Re: newer J8s not bad.

uhoh07 wrote:

another note: while newer i61s and J3s are often not great, the black j 8s are regarded as just fine.

The optics are much the same in all J-8's, I was specifically referring to the ergonomics of the focus mount of the black version.

To be honest the optical performance isn't the biggest deal for me, although my experience of the J-8 and I-61 is the reverse of yours with the "good" I-61 slightly ahead of the J-8 and certainly sharp wide open. More important though was the overall "look" of the image which - for me - made the I-61 a clear winner even though "sharpness" was similar in both lenses.

I would have put up with the ergonomics of the J-8 had it been an outstanding lens... but for me it wasn't.

There are no absolutes in the definition of a "good" lens; everything depends on personal preferences. Fortunately there is choice; choice is good

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