A2 Replaced with ... Fuji HS20?

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Thomas Karlmann
Thomas Karlmann Senior Member • Posts: 2,754
A2 Replaced with ... Fuji HS20?

I really like my A2, but am always looking for a replacement that does everything, er, better.

Has anyone tried the Fuji HS20 as a replacement for the A2? I have been reading up on the HS20, and I am tempted. But. The HS20 has its ups & downs too.

A2 Advantages:{(!) == Unique feature}
Articulating VF(!)
Shutter sync any speed(!)
Use Pro Minolta/Sony flash
One Push CWB(!)
200mm Macro

HS20 Advantages:
24-720mm lens
Macro at various focal lenghts
Panoramic shots
All sorts of ways to shuffle pixels for best results
-(16MP mode is none too sharp, from what I've read)

Interested in any one else who has dome a comparison between these two cameras. Is the A2 still better in 2011? Thanks.

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