Won this lens on eBay. Worth it for my D3000?

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Re: Won this lens on eBay. Worth it for my D3000?

stormmoma wrote:


Just curious if it will be a decent lens to my collection for my D3000. I like it's got a lower f stop. Even if it's not good enough for the basketball photos, I can see using it for nature shots.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

You are about to 1) find out why the price was so low! And if you are at all adventurous 2) find out how much fun you can have for $60 if you ignore what everyone else is doing and concentrate of what your equipment can do.

Nobody wanted it because it won't do what everyone wants to do! Simple as that.

But there are things it will do that can produce great pictures! Static subjects. Or moving subjects if you can settle for one shot (prefocus, and wait...). I'm reminded of a shot by Alfred Eisenstaedt (who had something like 90 of his images grace the covers of Life magazine, which makes him a legend). There was a waiter on skates serving customer tables. He placed a chair at the right location, focused on it... and waited for the right moment. Snap. One shot, perfect.

Hmmm... this was worth making an effort to find something to link to:

Of course, you might not be a budding Alfred Eisenstaedt, but exercising your creativity a bit won't hurt no matter what, especially for the price you paid for the lens.

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