Has That Firmware Update Shown Up Anywhere Yet?

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Re: Has That Firmware Update Shown Up Anywhere Yet?

gfrensen wrote:

draganflyer wrote:

"Personally, I would MUCH rather spend my time shooting photos, editing them, etc. than speculating what part of the latest rumor is true, what part isn't etc."

Eh? what is this post, not a waste of time?

But in general your vision is right, rumor sites are nothing more then, well rumors. I love those sites, not for the information, but for the good aold fun of gossip...

Seems to me to be a collosal waste of time that I will never get back.

Time is a srtrange thing, you never get it back, nor the good, nor the bad times...

perhaps it is a waste of time; I'd argue that occassionally there are nuggets of insight and knowledge gained through discussion of legitimate, "holding it in your hand" hardware opposed to the ongoing, at times incessant debates over the latest "rumor" to surface in the "rumor mill".

I guess my point is that there seems to be a significant number of "photographers" that engage in far more debate over vapourware than they seem to spend actually taking photographs.

Life is short...take pictures. When the next NEX makes it's appearance, we'll all be amongst the first to know; there will undoubtedly be legions of photographers clicking through the links on one rumor site or another night and day in anticipation.
Me? I'll be out...taking pictures

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