Doe The K-r deserve the bad rap it gets ?

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Re: Both K-r and K-x are noted as Mid-levels....

JimC1101 wrote: DPR at least. I don't know if I completely agree with that. granted they are nice cameras, but by labeling them as mid-levels, they are in, in some ways, judged unfairly and expectations are higher.

I have seen the K-r listed as both entry level and mid-level. Have not seen the K-x listed as much beyond entry level. Not sure what would constitute objectively as mid-level.....since the criteria of the classifications is somewhat arbitrary. What I find interesting is how not so much the Pentax users refer to the K-r as mid-level (they typically just state whether or not they think it's worth the extra money) but those who are comparing the K-r to another manufacturer that is in the same price range......and conveniently call the K-r a mid-level camera to make it seem unfair.

Perhaps that's the litmus test. The cost. The value. If the K-r costs the same as another camera and has more features and performs better, then it should be rated higher regardless. And if you can buy it at an entry level price.....even if it has some mid-level features.....then I think it's justifiable to refer to it as an entry-level. But you're right, if you take the K-r and compare it other "mid-level" DSLR's that cost more, then it might not be a fair fight unless the buyer is evaluating the cost as a considerable factor.

I have also seen the K-r referred to as an "advanced" entry level. Perhaps that's the best description....and the most fair way to evaluate it. If that's the case, however, most of the new offerings in the entry level category by other manufacturers are also advancing.....and therefore it might just be a matter of moving the bar higher, but still just referring to them as entry level.

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