Wasn't today supposed to be the big Sony announcement day ?

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Re: Wasn't today supposed to be the big Sony announcement day ?

I think you both will be bitterly disappointed.

A. 35/1.4 will be obscenly expensive if/when released. Ok relative that is. You can see any AF 35/1.4 they do not trade below 800 Euro

B. NEX pencakes are not going to be. Compact lenses may be. Pancakes - I do not think so.

Remember that NEX is much smaller then any other camera so lenses have to take this margin.

Not really a problem since the combo NEX + Lens will be same size as Samsung but lens will not be pancake. Which may be better the addiotnal space certaily will give engineers some room for better optical designs.

GodSpeaks wrote:

Grant wrote:

Not interested in firmware...just give us a 35mm 1.4 at a good price

You don't want the peaking function that is supposed to be in the rumored firmware update?

Personally, I want some fast high optical quality wide angle pancakes.

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