Wasn't today supposed to be the big Sony announcement day ?

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Re: Wasn't today supposed to be the big Sony announcement day ?

gfrensen wrote:

I'm reqading this kind of hreads for quite som e time now. Every body seems to know what Sony should bring out. And you know what? Everybody wants something different. So when Sony will come with a nice 35mm f1.x loens for a good price others willo be dissapointed that it is not a 70-300mm zoom lens with high otical and build quality, or others will ask here what Sony is thinking, everybodey knows that a 11mm 2.8 les is the mos important to bring out now, or is it the 500mm f4 with fast focussing, or a real macro lens, or a......

Well how much I love to see new things for the Nex I don't expect them to come out sooner when I start to tekl this forum what Sony should do...

What kind of a camera system today (wanting to compete) offers three af lenses and calls it a year? None..that's how many. Sony isn't new to this game but they are playing like NOOBs. So for us who want them to wake up and offer a nice selection of lenses,we're not being arrogant. It's not like they need to go out on a R&D limb here.....comprender amigo?

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